Monday, December 10, 2012

finding my happy

I must have cried you out of my system last night because I'm already finding my happy today.

I'm less combative without you.
I'm more assertive.
I definitely put up with less shit. Why should I? It was like I would practice with my friends when you were around to make sure I could still do it. But now I don't have to.
You have taught me so many things. I hope my actions in no longer having you in my life has made you possibly take a look at yourself as well. Some self actualization wouldn't kill you.

My jaw is no longer tense. My blood pressure is so low I'm eating pickles for breakfast just to get it to come back up to normal.

I gave you too many of my years as it was. You don't care about yourself enough to do anything about your shit but I do.

This is me, moving on.

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