Friday, December 7, 2012


we were there for you when you asked us, sometimes when you didn't.
I drove 40 miles a day one way to keep you company when you were in the hospital.
I slept over at your house on the couch when you had pneumonia.
I kept you company when everyone else wouldn't come around for whatever reason.
I was consistently a good friend.
You were consistently a fence sitter.
And I know why you haven't called me or tried to contact me in any way: You chose.

You chose them over us.

I always knew that when it came down to it you would.

I chose too.

Me over you.

Family will always be there for you you say? Really?

I'm still trying to figure out when they've been there for me when I've REALLY needed them in my whole 39 years.

I figure at this point if that hasn't happened yet...

just remember you walked away. not me. you chose this. And there wont be an option to "un choose".

Honestly its a relief. You chose L and M to hang around and then you would spew that negative bullshit into my life. You wanted me to be your creative, positive, smart and funny spot but you misused me.

But listen, no hard feelings. Just fuck off.

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